Tax Free Digital

Revolutionizing the tourist trade. Simplifying and generating opportunities.

The most convenient and easy way to get a refund on your purchases.

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The smartTax App is available for iPhone and Android at: .


Only once. With the code! You will not have to submit your details again in any store where you make your purchases. As simple as that.

Enjoy Your Shopping

Tax Free comes directly to your cell phone. If you can't see Tax Free on the App, upload a photo of your purchase receipt and you will receive it instantly.


You can validate digitally at airports at DIVA terminals, with your cell phone or in paper format. If you received your Tax Free manually, scan it and upload it to the App.


When and how you want, via mobile phone and commission-free. Also in force, at reimbursement points.


Save time and money, without commissions and without delays. Always use! and become a VIP Tourist to enjoy more benefits.

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