Panu di Tera - Blue


Panu di Tera - Blue


The panu di tera is a fabric made by hand with a cotton thread on the hand loom, but due to the lack of local raw material, threads imported from Senegal are now used.

In the 16th - 18th centuries, due to the good quality of the fabric and the wealth of geometric designs, the panu di tera came to exercise the functions of currency in the trade of the African Coast. Panu di tera gained such prestige that its use was more frequent in the noble classes. Only the noble classes were able to use clothing made of cotton.

Currently, as a result of conservation of African and Portuguese influences, this element constitutes one of the most expressive cultural and artistic manifestations of the Cape Verdean archipelago.

Currently the panu di tera ( Creole: pánu di téra ) is understood as the woven cloths that women from Santiago wear around their waist during the Batuku dance to emphasize their body movements, to tie their heads, or to carry children .

The cloth has the following measurements :

Width (cm)

Length (cm)



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