Bamana Maternity


Bamana Maternity


This female figure, known as 'nyeleni' or 'jo-nyeleni', is from the Bamana people of Mali. The style is characterized by slender proportions, with detailed and delicate characteristics, which illustrate ideals of physical beauty and ideals of character, action and motherhood. The figures are taken from the sanctuary to appear at annual public ceremonies. It evokes importance, great dignity and hierarchy.

The radiant motif that projects from the navel alludes to the girls' abdominal incisions ; it is a female sexual emblem, as well as a symbol of fertility.

This Bamana statue was sculpted on a beautiful piece of wood with its own character. The statue shows a Bamana female figure with scarification on the face and a shiny patina throughout.

It is made of wood carved with notches.

Length : 21.5 cm

Height : 67 cm

Width : 14.5 cm

Weight : 2,493 kg

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