Kwele Mask


Kwele masks with two large horns represent the antelope whose meat was consumed at the end of the "beete" ritual. The "beete" ritual, lasting a week, would open with the men leaving for the forest to hunt the antelope, whose meat, seasoned with medicine, would have to be eaten in a meal at the closing ceremony. The faces of the Kwele are usually painted with white earth from kaolin, a pigment associated by the Kwele with light and clarity, the two essential factors in the fight against evil. Kwele masks originate from the rainforests of Gabon on the west coast of Africa and are hand-carved by the Bwete association. The heart-shaped Kwele masks are among the most beautiful forms of African art.

It is made of carved wood and pigments.

Length : 31 cm

Height : 37.5 cm

Width : 6.5 cm

Weight : 736 g

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