The African Arte Lisboa Gallery

The African Arte Gallery is the largest gallery of African art in Portugal, presenting exclusively one of the most diverse collections of tribal art and antiques.

Founded in 1998 by the knowledgeable visionary and art dealer, Seydou Mamadou Keita (1962 - present), Arte Arte Gallery, based in Porto, has more than 20 years of experience, establishing strong relationships with collectors and families from some of Africa's most deeply rooted cultures, to ensure that we have exclusive access to the most important pieces of work.

African Arte Gallery strives to ensure the propagation and promotion of African art culture, cultural values and civilization, thus bringing about the resurgence of African art and the diverse contributions of the African people in the universal currents of art.

In 2019, AFRICAN ARTE LISBOA GALLERYthe result of a partnership between Seydou Mamadou Keita and two young people in love with African art, Paulino Semedo and Conceição Brito, who have since developed numerous exhibitions in Lisbon, so that everyone can know and appreciate the most beautiful there is in African art.