Dogon Shrine Fetish


This imposing male fetish figure originates from the Dogon people. Powerfully depicted with a large square head and fetish horn, the face has features, adorned by a beaded necklace that sits on the chest. The body sculpted proportionally; the surface fine and showing age and use. The arms are at the sides of the body and the hands are placed on either side of the abdomen. The fetish is firmly seated on a thick cylindrical base. Reserved for the personal use of an individual or a family, the sculpture was intended to heal, protect, bring luck and/or fertility.

It is made of carved wood, with carvings, feathers, fabric, nails, beads, plant fibers and the horn of an unidentified animal.

Length : 18.5 cm

Height : 69.5 cm

Width : 17.5 cm

Weight : 3,290 kg

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