Senufo Rhythmic Pylon Statue


Senufo Rhythmic Pylon Statue


The rhythmic pylon statue Senufo, As a general rule, it consists of the image of a woman standing with her arms spread by her sides, her hands connected to her groins and her legs attached to a large cylindrical punch.

The figure was once a symbol benevolent fertility and a channel for those who left, but also a crucial support in both ancestral commemorative rites and in adolescent initiations for adult society.

They are handled by < PORO , who hold them by the arms and hammer the ground at a slow pace, to call their ancestors and obtain their graces during funeral ceremonies.

It is made of carved wood and notched.

Length : 16 cm

Height : 85 cm

Width : 13 cm

Weight : 3,162 kg

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