2023 / 10 / 11

Discover "African Arte Lisboa": A Window into Rich African Tribal Culture


Welcome to "African Arte Lisboa", your new portal to explore the exuberant and diverse African tribal art. Our gallery is not just a space, but a cultural experience, where each piece tells a unique story, offering an intimate look into the rich traditions, spirituality and daily lives of African tribes.

Mission and Vision of the Gallery:

At "African Arte Lisboa", we are driven by the passion to preserve, celebrate and disseminate African art and culture. Our mission goes beyond simply exhibiting art; We seek to be a bridge between worlds, where the ancestral and the contemporary meet and dialogue. We believe that African tribal art is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and knowledge, where each item, from sacred masks to utilitarian artifacts, is a window into understanding the values, beliefs and philosophies of the communities from which they originate.

What you will find in our gallery:

  • Sculptures: Explore a vast array of sculptures, each carrying the whispers of myths, legends and stories of the tribes from which they came.
  • Utilitarian Artifacts: Discover artifacts that go beyond functional purpose, also serving as an expression of artistic skill and cultural significance.
  • Masks: Allow yourself to be transported by masks that not only conceal but reveal a rich tapestry of tradition and symbolism.
  • Bronzes: Admire the dexterity and skill of ancient bronze casting techniques, preserving moments and personalities through time.
  • African Cloths: Feel the richness of African fabrics that speak the languages of status, identity and belonging.

Celebration of Tribal Diversity:

At our gallery, we deeply value the diversity of African tribal cultures. As you browse our collections, you will be guided on a journey between different tribes, learning and appreciating their unique forms of artistic expression and spirituality.


"African Arte Lisboa" is not just a space, but an invitation to a journey of exploration and appreciation of African culture, where each piece is a chapter, and each section, a book waiting to be read by your eyes and heart.

We invite you to visit us, whether virtually or in person, and embark on this journey of discovery, appreciation and celebration of African art and culture. Join our exhibitions, events and blog readings, where we will continue to explore together the endless stories told by the skilled hands of African artists.

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