Losso couple

€16.250,00 €25.000,00

Losso couple

€16.250,00 €25.000,00

These beautifully sculpted sculptures of a couple with scarification (body modification technique that consists of producing scars on the body using sharp instruments), unusual, slightly abstract, cubist style, come from the Losso tribe of northern Togo. His anthropomorphism as the body with legs in the shape of a zigzag, and an elongated torso with arms in the same shape close to the body and a spherical head with deep orbits and full-bodied mouth.

Their art is crude and they use very hard wood, now valued by lovers of minimalist and abstract art.

Made of carved wood and feathers.



Lenght: 35 cm

Length: 28 cm

Height: 115 cm

Height: 119 cm

Width: 32 cm

Width: 23 cm

Weight: 23,1 kg

Weight: 14,2 kg

Iron stand included:

Man Support

Women's Support

Length: 32cm

Length: 32 cm

Height: 94 cm

Height: 87 cm

Width: 32 cmWidth: 32 cm

Weight: 12,53 kg

Weight: 11,75 kg

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