1 Senufo Doll of Fetish Charm


1 Senufo Doll of Fetish Charm


This couple of fetish dolls that it is outside the realm of something recognizable in nature, it belongs to the works and ritual practice of the Senufo tribe. The figure of a visual representation to invisible spirits, works as devices of divination. It is believed to be used to discover errors, false testimony and guilt. Although such works have the potential to affect all members of a Senufo community, access to this puppet oracle is restricted to the more experienced man and occasionally to female members, who keep the practice confidential.

It is made of wood, fabric, conch shells, metal and vegetable fiber.

Fetish 1

Fetish 2

Length : 23 cm

Length : 22.5 cm

Height : 66 cm

Height : 57 cm

Width : 7.5 cm

Width : 8 cm

Weight : 1.24 kg

Weight : 1.13 kg

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