Figura do Templo Baga ( A-Tshol)


Figura do Templo Baga ( A-Tshol)


O Altar Iran Baga is an Anok (Bird Mask and Stand) of the Baga peoples of Guinea. The mask features a long, pointed bird beak, carved notches, with human characteristics. There are also triangular holes at the base of the head. There is a support, on which the mask is placed for display, a circular base called ajouré, the head being removable.

This figure is shown during the harvest festival period and is danced in his honor.

After invoking ancestors, the patriarch offers them through this sacred object, grains of new rice.

Altar Baga has an important role at the time of the judgments, as it dictates the will of God, after the diviner has been questioned; and also at the funeral of the eldest of the family.

The sculpture was used at harvest time, in funerary rites and also by members of society Yes the. Every family has one, representing the lineage of which he is the protector.

It is made of carved and carved wood.

Length : 109 cm

Height : 48 cm

Width : 17 cm

Weight : 5.25 kg

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